This Week in Ladies

In Episode 81, "Welcome Back, Potter," we talk about how stupid Civil War II is, the friendzone, and, of course, we go back to Hogwarts with the cast of Cursed Child. Visit for more!

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In Episode 80, "Who You Gonna Call?," we talk busting ghosts, our Chris Rankings, Comic Con trailers, and when you're actually a bad guy vs. when you're just a dick. Visit for more!

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In Episode 79, "Limousine Liberal," we talk space bounty hunters, teamwork, our concert bucket lists, and Billy Joel covers. Visit for more!

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In Episode 78, "Et Tu, Guy in a Bear Suit?" we talk how much we love a heist, how stupid Civil War II is, and sidekicks both human and animal. Visit for more!

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In Episode 77, "Six Foot One & Tons of Fun," we talk 12-year-old girls, science fairs, and we kind of lose it over the movie Everybody Wants Some!! (exclamation points theirs). Visit for more!

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In Episode 76, "So, You Like Cats," we talk violent cliffhangers, Dazzler Thor, and when is a superhero like a founding father (aka, we go hard on Captain America: Civil War). Visit for more!

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In Episode 75, "Villains vs. Bad Credit," we talk parents in space, bad guys who promise to erase your student loans (they're lying!), and typhoid in your cooks. Visit for more!

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In Episode 74, "Boss of the Applesauce," we visit a sex dungeon, the secret resistance base, Earth-65, and the Texas governor's office. Visit for more!

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In Episode 73, "No Sorrow in Sight," we did our eyes and ears a favor and saw Tom Hiddleston playing Hank Williams in I Saw the Light, plus Howard the Duck was in weirdly a lot of our comics this week. for more!more!

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In Episode 72, "Our Anarcho-Athiesm Phase," we talk women arguing about power, comics about grownass women, and fluffy bunnies taking on police brutality in Zootopia. Visit www.thisweekinladies.comfor more!

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